Shoefiti Strikes Aurora, Ontario, Canada

Michael Suddard analyzes why shoes are hanging from powerlines in his town of Aurora, Ontario, Canada.


In Aurora there is the odd pair of shoes strung over power lines. Observances of Shoefiti in Aurora continues to be here and there. When it was pointed out that possibly the shoes symbolized the possibility of drug dealers marking their territory it got me worried. Was Aurora going to pot in the last ten years around the intersection of Yonge Street & Murray Drive? Not likely, but the dangling of shoes in that area under this premise got me worried.

He also gives a shout out to How cool is that?

But shoefiti has quite the following. There are several blog entries, websites and You Tube vidoes dealing with the culture of Shoefiti. Perhaps the most interesting one is This website investigates the different art forms of Shoefiti and how features how some shoes are artistically hung. Pictures of shoes abound on from cities from around the world. This awe inspiring website is worth the visit.

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