Dangling Shoes Mark Future Accident Locations?

Could the shoes dangling from powerlines in New York City mark locations of future accidents? I hope people aren’t running into each other while staring at shoes above them on the wires.

The Known Universe:
Once we were finally home, I started my project, but quickly realized
I�d forgotten to get something. I ran to the hardware store again.
Since all I needed was small part, walking down the street was simple
this time and I did a little dilly-dallying of my own by stopping to
take a picture of some dangling shoes
. Even though I�m kind of over the
whole dangling shoe phenomenon, and pass them over when I see them
lately, this pair seemed to have more personality than most. As I
lifted the camera to line up the shot, I was startled by the sudden
screech of car breaks over my shoulder. I spun around just in time to
watch a three car accident in slow motion. Accident assistance and other details are explained at their website

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