Los Angeles Mayor Puts City Crews to Work on Shoefiti Abatement

is a 2003 news story about Shoefiti
(described as "Dangling Shoes" by the Los Angeles NBC affiliate ) and how it’s being addressed by the Los Angeles Mayor (James Hahn) and Police Chief (William Bratton). Notice that the mayor and police chief stopped short of claiming the shoese are drug, gang, or prostitution related. However, even without that, they state that shoefiti "generate[s] fear" and "symbolizes an urban menace" in their city’s neighborhoods.

I believe the same statement could easily be made about shoefiti in Minneapolis. Neighborhoods with drug problems also have a shoefiti problem. Why should the mostly law-abiding, tax paying, residents of those neighborhoods have to put up with this form of litter / vandalism when it’s such an easy problem to solve? The shoe locations are being identified, and are clearly marked on this site’s map. As of this writing, I can’t imagine it would take longer than a day for a crew with appropriate equipment to wipe the map clean.

Will the current and/or next mayor or Minneapolis make time to solve on this amazingly simple quality of life issue that’s affecting challenged neighborhoods in his city? If not, why not?

Dangling Shoes On Power Lines Are Urban Legend

City Crews Start Removing Shoes

UPDATED: 7:20 p.m. PST March 10, 2003

If you live in Los Angeles, you’ve seen them — tennis shoes dangling over power lines.


Since December, workers from various city departments have removed more than 100 pairs of strung-up shoes from utility lines throughout Los Angeles, Mayor James Hahn said Monday.

"Hanging shoes have long symbolized an urban menace in our neighborhoods," Hahn said.

Police Chief William Bratton said the shoes are meant to generate fear.

"Broken windows, graffiti, drug dealers, even shoes hanging from the utility lines — it’s all about quality of life issues and it’s those types of issues the department will focus on to help make the neighborhoods safer," Bratton said.

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