Shoefiti at Bossen Terrace

A housing development near the MSP airport has a long history of gang and drug
problems, and happens to also have a case of Shoefiti. According to the Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) Department’s web site, Bossen Terrace (5715 Sander Drive) was built in 1982 as a public housing project for low-income residents (100 percent Section-8 ). The CPED site mentions in a November 2001 that, "The area was undergoing considerable instability due to increasing crime, gang and drug activity and was in need of significant rehabilitation." That appears to a somewhat timeless statement. It looks like the city purchased and redeveloped the units in 1998-99.

2005 – August 22nd CCP/SAFE Report: Sector 3: The Community Response Team (CRT) has been very active in Bossen Terrace and have made a number of arrests

2005 – Truck Smashes into Minneapolis House KSTP story on accident in Bossen Terrace
2004 – October 25th CCP/SAFE Report: Sector 3 (pdf): Bossen Terrace continues to be active

2004 – SmOkEyStArZ Profile mentioning Bossen (republished below )

2004 – Nokomis East Neighborhood Association requests increased police presence at Bossen Terrace
2004 – Teen gets 6 years for clerk’s beating – News story on comments on court case with Bossen Terrace connections

2003 – Crime Alert – Wenonah Neighborhood (02-28-03)
2000 – Get out of TownCityPages

2000 – Probation: Geographical – Man excluded from visiting Bossen Terrace while on probation.
1999 – Lest Ye Be JudgedCityPages letter to editor mentioning Bossen Terrace

1998 – Meet the New BossenCityPages
1998 – Bossen Terrace, c/o LaSalle Management, Respondent, vs Deneen Miller, – Case of crack cocaine being sold from Bossen Terrace unit.

Juz a lil bit bout me

**im short…5`5*
**wut i look like…yall can see.*
**ima *SeNiOr* at *RiChFiElD* high school.

**basketball, volleyball, n softball r my sports*
**i live in *SoUtH mInNeApOlIs* ova by bossen terrace. (there felix…u happy? )
**i smoke weed…all my home boys tell me i stay high "like a damn dude" so i guess….
**i drink…but not as much as i smoke…

**i got me a job @ noodles n company by southdale…
**my hobbies is chillin wit my ppl n smokin blunts…makin my money n havin as much fun as i can.
**if u wanna know mo…drop a note*

Now THAT’S a resume.

What’s the point? While I don’t know why there are shoes hanging at in the alleys and intersections of Bossen Terrace, I suspect they probably have more to do with the troublemakers that have historically and to this day kept police busy in that area. It would be painfully easy to remove the shoes. Ideally, they wouldn’t come back, but it they did, it may help explain something about why they’re there. The reappearance of shoefiti is tougher to dismiss.

Three pair of shoes were reported to Xcel Energy on June 28th, 2005. Just short of two months later, one of the three pair was removed. On September 9th, a 4th pair was reported just to the North of the three pair from June. Why they only removed one of the three shoefitis was not explained. It just falls through the cracks at Xcel.

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